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Private Jet selection and ordering is a specialized field requires a professional team. Its is a process that is not ended by purchasing,also its business activities are very complex and requires serious organization in subsequent phases. Turkish Civil Aviation Authority is subjected to the rules of European Civil Aviation Authority(EASA) ,in this context, operating an aircraft has been already a technical subject which has become more expensive as well as more complex and also something requiring expertise.

SAS Air Services continues to support its business partners, who wants to own a private jet, with its experience and knowledge extending to years ,by giving full support and assistance to the aircraft owners during the purchasing process of a private jet until its being operated safely and efficiently by dilligent professionals.

Within the scope of aircraft operating service;

Aircraft Selection and Aircraft Foreign Customs and Import Operations,
Taking Ferry Flight Permits of Aircraft for Arriving from DGCA to the country.(DGCA- Directorate General of Civil Aviation)
Insurance Underwriting,
Flight Crew Supply and Organization ,
Flight Crew Training and Planning,
Taking Import Approval Permits from DGCA ,
Performing Registration Process of Aircraft to Turkish Civil Aviation,
Taking Certificate of Airworthiness, Certificate of Noise and Taking Special Authority from DGCA (RVSM, RNAV etc.), Preparation and Approval of All Manuals Belonging to the Aircraft.
Aircraft Maintenance Monitoring and Planning

24/7 Active, ICAO Licensed Dispatcher and Operations Department who will organize your flights in the most secure way.
Flight Operations and Monitoring Service,
Ensuring Transparent and Rigorous Cost Control
Maintenance & Repair Planning
License Management and Requirements
Regulatory Accounting Regulations
Safety, Catering and Cleaning Services
Hangar Parking in Our Own Hangar at Ataturk Airport.
Financial Consulting in Financial Management of your Aircraft
The Staff Appointed for Responding to Your Requests Correctly

About all your activities in the aviation world, we want to facilitate your work, share with you all the benefits of our system and our experiences about how you save while taking the reliable flight services.

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